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Thought Factory started business in 2003 as a small two person company focused on developing cutting edge software technology for the financial services industry. It's first product MyTreasury was eventually launched in late 2004 and with over 50 users in 20 over companies still maintains its lead in terms of security and speed.

The company is formed around the concept of "empowering the client". For us, no project is an island. For us to succeed we must experience the problem as the client experiences it, to come up with solutions that the client understands and will believe in. Long after we have left the client, the project will continue to exist as an integral part of the client's company.

Our portfolio demonstrates our diverse abilities with everything from logos & letterheads to bespoke software for both Windows and the Web. All of these illustrate our desire to design & develop solid, elegant solutions that we are proud of.

Thought Factory is a company registered in South Africa, wholly owned by Julian Dicks. Jules has a BSc from the University of Cape Town, majoring in Statistics and Computer Science; a MBA from the University of Cape Town and continues to be an integral part of the company.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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